3rd - 6th Grade Programs

As our name implies, creek and watershed education provide a unifying theme and backdrop for our programs.  We all live in a watershed, and we all live downstream.  There is a lot that goes on in Butte County’s watersheds, and this is reflected in the types of experiences that we offer.  We collaborate with local partners to create experiences for 3rd – 6th grade students.  One (and sometimes two) 50- minute classroom visits are associated with each field day.  During this time Kids and Creeks staff provides games and activities that introduce students to themes and concepts that serve to provide background and context for their field trip experience.  

Depending the grade level and the location of the field trip, students may participate in any combination of the following activities:

  • Catching, identifying, and releasing aquatic macroinvertebrates to assess stream health
  • Handing of native reptiles, including gopher and king snakes
  • In partnership with representatives of the Mechoopda Rancheria Indian Tribe, students learn about the culture of the native Mechoopda Maidu people who lived and still live in the Butte and Big Chico Creek watersheds 
  • Creek and stream bank restoration efforts
  • Experiencing the anadromous life of a salmon through games and activities
  • Participation in AltaCal Audubon resident and migratory bird studies
  • Removal of invasive non-native plants from local parks
  • Planting native plants to improve habitat for native wildlife
  • Nature hikes with hands-on activities that teach about adaptation, energy flow, and interconnectedness
  • And more...

K-12, Junior High, and High School Programs

Kids and Creeks is continuing to develop and explore our ability to provide hands-on learning opportunities for K-2, junior high, and high school students.  High school students are encouraged to contact us about volunteer and internship opportunities.  Teachers from any grade level are encouraged to contact us to begin a dialog regarding how we can best serve your students.